About us

Ningbo chinaworld grand Steel Co., Ltd. is the direct subsidiary company of HUA SHI BO JI CORPORATION. Our company locates in the famous port city NINGBO which riches in culture and connects the world. Our company is untiring in pursuit of the company value guided by the modest and harmonious principle of customer first and win-win. ‘Make our customers happy and users of our customer satisfied’.

Our company has the wholly-owned stainless steel product line in NINGBO and the joint-owned hot-applied zinc product line in JIANGSU through share purchase and franchise access. Meanwhile, the BEIJING and SHANGDONG franchisee owns the product line of applied-zinc and color-coating. Our major equipment includes: 2 product line of stainless steel plate﹙ AOD finery, German spectrograph, low temperature storage tank and CAPL﹚, product line of hot-rolling and cold-rolling steel plate, surface-treatment line. Our products covers the types of 201,202,301,304,316,316L,410S,420,430. The depth of the hot-rolling plate is 1-5 mm, the cold-rolling plate is 0.1-3 mm, and the width is 10-1219 mm. The surface-quality multiples in 2B,BA,2D,NO3,NO4,HL,6K,8K and POLISH. We also got 2 PPGI color-coating lines with annual-output of 160,000 tons, which specified in depth of 0.18-1.25 mm and width of 700-1300 mm, and 3 applied-zinc line with the annual-output of 300,000 tons specified in depth of 0.18-4.0 mm and width of 600-1550 mm ,and basal plate of the format CQ、DQ、DDQ、FH、HSS、HSLA.

High-quality new products, cost-reduction and better management are the future of our company. Make our customers more satisfied and to attract new customers under the guidance of ‘low-carbon, environment-friendly and green-ecology’, and enhance communication and corporation. And to achieve the goal ‘make the consumers of our products globally’ before 2020.

Company honor:

1. The CEO is elected one of the most excellent entrepreneurs all over China.

2. The CEO is elected one of the most excellent enterpreneur by China Economica Trading Promotion Agency 


3. Our company leader attend the Annual General Meeting hold by China Economica Trading Promotion Agency. And taken pictures with the 11th CPPCC national committee vice chairman, Li Wuwei.